The story behind NIKSA Serviced Accommodation

We all love to read stories. It makes us understand the motivation and reason behind anyone’s ‘why?’. So today we thought we will share the story behind NIKSA Serviced Accommodation. What made Nila start NIKSA?

In Nila’s own words:

“I love travelling and it is something I have got from my parents. I was born and brought up in India and I can remember my travel adventures from an early age of four. I believe my first memory of travelling was to Kashmir and then Nepal, and oh my, it was love at first sight with the Himalayas. Since then, I could never stop. I have travelled a lot in India and we mostly used to visit the rural parts of the Himalayas. My parents were not a big fan of visiting cities as we used to live in one, Kolkata, then called Calcutta. But we still did manage to visit some great cultural and historical places like Agra, Benares, Puri, Jaipur, Hyderabad, and some very pretty places like Darjeeling and Gangtok.

Since I have moved to UK and settled here almost 14 years ago, I have visited many exciting places within UK. To name a few I have been to Lake District, Peak District, Cornwall, Dorset, Highlands and Locks of Scotland, extensive beaches of southern Wales. I have also been to some of the world’s famous cities of Paris, Amsterdam, Belgium, Copenhagen, Berlin, Barcelona, Stockholm, Milan, Florence, Rome, Prague, Valetta to as far as New York City.

In my whole journey as a traveller, I was always very keen to experience how the locals live. And hence I try not to stay luxury hotels and eat at Michellin Star restaurants. I get more excited to eat where the locals are eating and absolutely love visiting the farmers’ markets to get a little taste of their lives. To maximise my experience, I always prefer staying in local self-catering apartments or cottages where I can stay in a set up like home. Let me share an event to explain what I really mean by that. I remember when we were in Florence, I got up a bit early one morning while my family was still sleeping. I walked down to the local farmers’ market and bought some fresh produce of that day. I also took their advice on how to cook them. That day I cooked one of the most memorable meal of my life. I have many experiences like this of connecting with people and their culture.

These memories are priceless and can only be created when we are living local; a bit away from the beaten tourist trails. Especially when we have a whole home to ourselves to cook and take the wine glass to sit at the balcony. For me, that is the true luxury.

I have felt very passionately about this sort of travel experiences and always believed that whether you are travelling for leisure or for business, you should have an option for a home-like stay wherever you go. Hence, I started NIKSA Serviced Accommodation. I live in Welwyn Garden City and absolutely love this town. It’s beautiful with amazing people in the neighbourhood. It is also very well connected to London within 20 minutes and also the lush green countryside within 5 mins. So, to share my pride and my love for this town to all our visitors, we started NIKSA end of 2018. And until now I have loved every bit of it. I meet with visitors from all over the world and when they say to me – ‘oh this is such a beautiful place!’; my drive to grow our business gets even stronger. NIKSA Serviced Accommodation has a growing portfolio of properties of different sizes to cater to every need – whether someone is a solo traveller or a big family visiting their grandparents, we promise we will look after them as our extended family.”

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What is Staycation?

Staycation is the new trend which everyone is talking about. The new hashtag to follow in 2020 and beyond. But before we dive into further on why everyone is talking about staycation this year, let’s first find out what staycation really means.

Google dictionary and other experts say that ‘staycation’ means going for a vacation in your home country rather than abroad or stay at home and go for day trips.

This is a very old concept, but why is it trending now? This probably is because our travel plans to abroad is not going to be an easy option for the next few months. Some of the reasons being:

Have you received your cancelled holiday refunds? For a lot of us, we are still waiting for our refunds from the cancelled holidays. Some of us may have received a voucher to rebook but with most of the countries including ours are still under lockdown, we are unsure when and where we can plan a safe vacation again. The money has been invested and most of us are wary about investing further without knowing when the new norm will start.

Do you know where you can travel to now? Most of the world are still under lockdown or just started to open up cautiously towards recovery. Therefore, it has become very challenging to decide where and when we can travel for our next holidays.

How many days will I need to take time off for my next holiday? Recently, UK Home Secretary Priti Patel has announced that anyone returning from abroad will require to stay under quarantine for 14 days. This means we will have to take 14 days’ time-off from work on top of our holidays which may result in almost a month’s time-off from work. This is very unlikely a feasible option for most of us.

So does staycation look like the best option now?

Britain is a beautiful country and has attracted tourists from the rest of the world for years. During the gorgeous British summer who will not like a day or a few days’ break in the sprawling green countryside of England, Lake district, Peak district, gorgeous stately homes, Roman Bath, stunning sandy beaches in Wales and the adventure of highlands in Scotland? The list is limitless.

It can also be the best time to visit and discover the hidden gems of our home country.

We are based in Hertfordshire and are always a walk away from the stunning countryside or within a short driving distance of the greatest cities of the world, London and Cambridge.

How about for your next break, try a staycation in Welwyn Garden City?

If you haven’t visited us in Welwyn Garden City yet, let us inspire you with some ideas!

Stay at NIKSA Serviced accommodation in Welwyn Garden City. Get up in the morning and enjoy a beautiful long walk on our popular public footpath through Brocket Hall Golf Club. Return to the apartment for a delicious breakfast cooked at your own kitchen. Don’t fancy cooking? No problem at all. A lot of cafés have opened up their takeaway services. Pick up a lovely breakfast and enjoying it in front of our town centre fountain.

Then you can visit the beautiful and historical town of Cambridge, just 40 miles away from Welwyn Garden City. Fancy something local? How about fishing at Stanbourough Lakes in Welwyn Garden City or a stroll down the road at the historic town of St Albans. Come back in the evening to cook your favourite dinner while enjoying your glass of Chardonnay and watching your favourite show in Netflix. Does it sound relaxing and refreshing? A break we all need, a break we all deserve.

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Is serviced accommodation same as hotel?

Serviced accommodation very similar to a hotel in terms of how long you can stay in the property, how you book your stay, how you pay, refunds, cancellations and certain amenities.

However the features in a serviced accommodation are lot different from what a hotel usually offer. Let’s see what these are.

  1. Space – Professionally run serviced accommodations like NIKSA Serviced Accommodation are fully self-contained properties. They are not just a room with a bed and a bathroom like hotels. Hence when you stay in a serviced accommodation property, you enjoy the kitchen, living space and sometimes garden too! Exactly what we call it – a home away from home.
  2. Privacy and Freedom – In hotels you share the communal spaces with other guests. The entrance, the lobby, lifts, restaurants, bar, outside space etc. This is great and very enjoyable for some of us who love human interaction. However, many of us prefer a bit of privacy and freedom. Staying in a serviced accommodation can be an ideal solution for that. After a whole day of work or sightseeing, you can kick off your shoes in middle of the room and doze off on the sofa while watching your favourite series on Netflix! No need to sit at the bar area to unwind at the end of the day and having to watch your favourite series on your mobile phone.
  3. Cost – A hotel room can sometimes sound a cheaper option compared to Serviced Accommodation. But if you consider the length of stay in a room and cost of two to three meals a day on top of that, the cost of staying in a hotel can very quickly go over budget. Also, if you need accommodation for a group or your family, you will need to book for more than one room in a hotel. Whereas, when you book a serviced accommodation property with 2 or 3 bedrooms, it satisfies the need of your whole family, both in terms of space and number of meals to be eaten on a day. Does that sound like a deal? Yes, it is!
  4. Comfort and Health – Does this sound familiar to you? When you look at that restaurant meal and secretly miss your home cooked favourites? That fluffy pancake or that chicken noodles from your kitchen? You may also look at the menu card and wonder how you are going to keep up with your dietary requirements or healthy meal targets? Serviced Accommodations have the perfect answer for these questions. Serviced Accommodation properties come with a fully equipped kitchen where everything is provided – pots, pans, chopping board, knives and more. You can make your favourite meal or toss last night’s leftover in the oven or just heat up the takeaway. And the best part is, you will never miss that midnight snack again as the kitchen is yours and you are the chef! Just like home.
  5. Hotel amenities – House Keeping! White fresh towels! Free toiletries! Yes, we all love that about hotels. And yes, we get them in Serviced Accommodation too! The best of 2 worlds – a marriage of home and hotel.

If all of the above reasons sound attractive to you, give NIKSA Serviced Accommodation a try for your next stay. To stay with us…click here to book

Is it safe to stay at Serviced Accommodation during COVID-19?

Today’s world and our situation is something which we have never seen and experienced before. We are all trying to cope with this sudden change we have been thrown into. While some changes are temporary to control the pandemic, other changes will be the ‘new normal’ to us…a new way of living in this world.

On a positive note, we cannot cease to be amazed on how quickly humans can adapt to changes and find new ways of doing things. We have seen so many evolving new hacks of our lives, from morning PE sessions with Joe Wicks to family quiz nights on Zoom online calls.

As UK Government is gradually preparing to open up the business market, we are anticipating that our corporate guests will start travelling to their workplace, especially within the construction and maintenance industries. On the personal front, we are also anticipating families will start travelling to see their near and dear ones or just to take a break as holidays to a foreign destination is still a distant dream.

We, at NIKSA Serviced Accommodation have been preparing throughout this period to support our guest community for their future stays. We hope the following features will give them confidence to come and stay with us in future:

Isolation: All our properties are self-contained, which means our guests do not share their kitchen, living room or the bathroom with anyone else.

‘No contact’ experience: From booking to collecting your keys until you check out…we provide a complete ‘no contact’ experience.

Eating in: In our fully furnished properties, we provide every utensils and tableware our guests may require cooking their healthy meals during their stay. With pubs and restaurants still closed, this feature of our serviced accommodation will give our guests a stress-free stay with us.

Deep Cleaning: We also keep our apartment closed down for 72 hours between guests’ stays to ensure proper deep cleaning by our team of professional cleaners. Our bed linens and towels are washed over 60 degrees and changed between every stay.

Our Welcome pack: We provide our guests with handwash, toilet rolls, body and hair wash, conditioner, kitchen rolls, individually packaged tea, coffee and sugar sachets, all included in the price. This is just to give them a head start to avoid the supermarket long queues before they unwind and settle in.

Our guests can have a comfortable stay with the assurance of

  • Cleanliness
  • Safety
  • Convenience
  • Support

We currently may be living in a contactless world, but we are always contactable for any support or help our guests may require. We, at NIKSA, take pride in serving our guests with one-point contact round the clock. This means they do not need to go through a long queue of call centre calls or multiple departments for their stay.

We will look after you…as our own family. 🙂

Click here to view our properties and book with us:

Visit London, stay at Welwyn Garden City

Visit Britain has recently published their forecast on oversees visitors to UK and they are expecting 39.7 million visitors. Most of these visitors visit London to experience the world class capital city of United Kingdom.

As most of us are aware, staying in London is not always affordable, especially when travellers are on budget. However, that should not put off our visitors to see London. We at NIKSA Serviced Accommodation have hosted many guests who stayed with us while visiting London. Welwyn Garden City is around 28 minutes from Central London in train. The town connects with London Kings Cross and Moorgate stations directly by trains and also provides direct connection to the historical city of Cambridge on the north.

Welwyn Garden City is turning 100 years in 2020 and there are lots of events planned around the year for our visitors to the town.

While our visitors can enjoy a whole day in London, they can easily come back to their bed in this beautiful garden city. Our guests also enjoy spending their stay in Welwyn Garden City as there are plenty of activities and attractions for families and couples. Whatever your interests are, we may have a suggestion for you.

  1. A fishing trip and picnic at Stanborough Lake
  2. Trip to the historical town of St Albans – 20 minutes’ drive from Welwyn Garden City
  3. Playing Golf at all the Golf Clubs around the town – Welwyn Garden City, Brockett Hall, Mill Green Golf Club, Panshanger Golf Club, Essendon Golf Club to name a few
  4. A day trip to Cambridge – direct train connection from Welwyn Garden City
  5. A day spent in the historical places like Hatfield House, Roman Bath Welwyn
  6. Cycling, hiking, dog walking around the woods and fields around
  7. A spa day at the local spa

And many many more…contact us once you have booked with us and we have plenty of ideas for you!

Welwyn Garden City Turns 100

With Welwyn Garden City being the home to many of our serviced apartments, we’re thrilled to announce that in 2020 it turns 100 years old! To celebrate, Welwyn Garden City is going to be holding a variety of events, which we’re going to be talking about.

Garden City Lights

To begin the year of celebrations the free ‘Garden City Lights’ event will take place on the 17th and 18th of January. This event will illuminate the Town Centre by decorating with beautiful lights. The event will take place from 4:30 pm-9 pm on both days in the Town Centre.

Love Welwyn Garden City 10K

You can enjoy a 10K walk around Stanborough’s north lake on the 9th of February. The route will take you through local streets before returning you to the lakes for an additional lap. The event will start at 10 am and tickets range between £15-£17.

City of Trees Launch

Welwyn Garden City’s ‘City of Trees’ project celebrates the 19,000 trees across the town. It also introduces four brand new walking routes! The official launch is at the WGC Horticultural Society meeting and is strictly for society members and invited guests. However, don’t worry because the public launch will be in the Town Centre on Sunday 14th March.

City of Tomorrow

City of Tomorrow is a comic, tragic, farcical and thrilling show that explores 100 years of England through the eyes of two young people studying the history of Welwyn Garden City. The show will take place at the Barn Theatre and starts at 8 pm. The tickets for this “must-see” are £13! The show will be on from 24th April- 2nd May, so you have plenty of time to catch one of the shows.

Ebenezer Howard Statue Unveiling

The statue of Sir Ebenezer Howard OBE, founder of Welwyn Garden City will be unveiled on the 25th of June. The statue will be in the Town Centre and available to see all day!


The 11th of July brings us a carnival from Gosling to the Town Centre. The 15 floats will set off at 2 pm, but activities start from 11 am at Howardsgate and along Parkway. The theme of the day is ‘Garden’ in the spirit of Welwyn Garden City!

Welwyn Garden City’s Got Talent

Further down the line, the 11th November to be exact, we have Welwyn Garden City’s version of Britain’s Got Talent! The show at Campus West will follow heats in local primary schools, where children battled it out to attend the final!


The celebrations come to an end with an all-day finale in the Town Centre!

With plenty more activities and events Welwyn Garden City has definitely got lots for you to do! You can check out their website to see other events that might interest you here: 

So, why not enjoy one of these events next year? To make your trip that bit more comfortable contact NIKSA Serviced Accommodation for a serviced apartment. Having a serviced apartment will allow you to have some freedom to relax and enjoy a trip away without having to remember to bring anything!

We hope to see you in the new year!

Why should I choose Serviced Accommodation over a hotel?

With serviced accommodation becoming a preferred choice over hotels, some people are still unsure of why serviced accommodation is actually the better choice.

To make things clear, serviced accommodation is a whole apartment that’s fully furnished whilst a hotel is usually just a bedroom and a small bathroom. This means in serviced accommodation, you have a kitchen and the option to cook meals for yourself, which you don’t have in a hotel room. Also, generally serviced accommodation comes with more room as you get a whole apartment rather than just a room. Finally, serviced accommodation is more of a home away from home than a hotel room, which is great for family trips or just long trips away.

So, why should I choose serviced accommodation?

Cost effective

Generally, serviced accommodation is more cost effective than a hotel. You get more for your money. Whilst in a hotel you’re just paying for a room when it comes to serviced accommodation you get a full apartment and everything you could need included in the price. For example, kitchen pots, fresh bed linens and bathroom supplies! You get to choose whether to eat in or spend money in restaurant meals three times a day.


Serviced accommodation provides a better lifestyle. Your serviced apartment comes with plenty of space to live in whilst a hotel room only allows you to live out of your suitcase, which is rarely a preferred way of living! If you’re booking for a whole family, our 2-bedroom apartments may provide more room for you and you won’t have to book multiple rooms in a hotel to accommodate all of your family members.


Another benefit you may not have thought of before is the productivity that serviced accommodation can allow. In regards to corporate stays, staying in a small hotel room with just a bed and maybe a small desk can get depressing and it can block your brain and creativity. Whereas, with serviced accommodation you have plenty of space to work as well as the ability to move around and take breaks.


Ever been in a hotel where you can only get a WiFi connection down in the restaurant or the lobby and then once you get up to your room you end up rinsing all your data? Staying in serviced accommodation means you will get free WiFi all throughout the apartment. Serviced accommodation also comes with other facilities such as a washer dryer and an iron with ironing board.


Serviced accommodation is known as being a home away from home. It provides more comfort as it has a living room where you settle down in front of the TV and a bedroom where you can enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.


Finally, you will benefit from more privacy in any serviced apartment compared to a hotel. This is because serviced accommodation doesn’t have any on-site staff.

There you have it… the reasons most people prefer to go to a serviced apartment over a hotel. If you’d prefer to have more space and comfort, then it might be time that you forget the hotel bookings and start enjoying the freedom of serviced accommodation!

How can Serviced Accommodation can benefit you if you’re considering relocation?

Relocating can be one of the most stressful experiences that people go through, that’s when NIKSA Serviced Accommodation come into it.

Are you considering relocating to Welwyn Garden City? Whether you’re relocating by yourself, as a family or as a business it’s crucial to be able to get a feel for the area before you relocate. There are many ways NIKSA Serviced Accommodation can help you do this.

Firstly, NIKSA Serviced Accommodation can bring you into the area. The obvious way NIKSA can help you is by giving you a way into the Welwyn Garden City community. This gives you the opportunity to see all around Welwyn Garden City from the Town Centre to all the local attractions, such as parks and shops. One of our apartments is walking distance from the Town Centre, whilst the rest are still only around a 5-minute drive!

In addition, Serviced Accommodation allows you to experience living in an apartment within the residential area, rather than being in a hotel room. NIKSA apartments will allow you to shop locally, cook your own meals and relax in your living room. This provides a true experience of what it would be like to live in Welwyn Garden City so you can make your decision when it comes to relocating.

Also, NIKSA Serviced Accommodation doesn’t have a limit to how long you can stay. This means you can stay for longer than just a weekend trip, allowing you to see Welwyn Garden City in all lights.

Finally, NIKSA Serviced Accommodation provides you with your own space. When considering something as important as relocating the last thing you want is to be stressed out in a cramped hotel room. Therefore, having a whole apartment to yourself will really help you clear your mind to make the right decision.

You can look at our apartments here:

We hope to see you soon!  

Co-working spaces local to NIKSA apartments

Are you tired of feeling unproductive in your home office? Trying to get the most out of yourself in your local coffee shop? Why not go to a co-working space? Co-working spaces are shared workplaces that you can rent daily, weekly, monthly etc. Co-working spaces can be extremely beneficial as they offer a working environment to help you concentrate, whilst also offering a community if you require any help, advice or just a friendly chat!

We know many of our customers at NIKSA Serviced Accommodation are corporate guests, due to us being so close to the Shire Park Business Park. Therefore, we thought it would be beneficial to our corporate guests if we put together some information about local co-working spaces.

Here are four local co-working spaces to our Welwyn Garden City apartments.

Welwyn Falcon Gate:

  • 2 Falcon Gate, Shire Park, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, AL7 1TW
  • Monday – Friday, 8:30-17:30
  • Co working from £5.70 per day
  • Business lounge
  • Disabled facilities
  • Parking on site
  • Showers
  • Bicycle storage
  • Walking distance from 2 NIKSA apartments

Welwyn Garden City Central Library:

  • Campus West, Hertfordshire AL8 6AJ
  • Monday – Friday, 9:00-19:00
  • Saturday, 10:00-17:00
  • Sunday, 13:00-17:00
  • Free
  • Disabled facilities
  • Microfilm reader
  • Free wifi
  • Photocopiers and fax service
  • Can book a computer
  • Walking distance from town centre, train station and NIKSA apartment

Hatfield Library:

  • Queensway, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, AL10 0LT
  • Monday, 13:00-18:00
  • Tuesday – Wednesday, 10:00-18:00
  • Friday – Saturday, 10:00-19:00
  • Free
  • Disabled facilities
  • Public parking
  • Photocopier and fax services
  • Free wifi
  • Can book a computer

Hatfield Bishop Square:

  • Titam Court, 3 Bishop Square, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, AL10 9N1
  • Monday-Friday, 8:30-17:30
  • Co – working from £5.70 a day
  • Disables facilities
  • On site coffee bar
  • Outdoor seating area
  • Business lounge

If you’re interested in taking some time away to work on your business, or organising time away for your staff be sure to use NIKSA Serviced Accommodation for a comfortable, affordable and productive stay.

Serviced Accommodation, is it best for your property?

Tired of being a landlord and wish to sell off your properties?

Before you make that decision, read through…we may have a solution for you!

If you are a landlord and you

  • Are affected by Section 24
  • Do not want to manage tenants
  • Want your property being taken care of
  • Desire to be a hands-free property investor

…Serviced Accommodation can be an answer for you.

As we all know Hertfordshire is going through a massive economic facelift. With London only a train journey away, many Hertfordshire towns have increasingly become popular to London commuters. In the past few years we have seen growth of many business parks which have become home for multinational corporations. Tesco, Ocado, Roche, Pay point, Computacenter to name a few of them. Hertfordshire has also planned to build thousands of new homes and been promoting our county to attract London tourist visitors in association with Visit Herts.

With so much opportunities around, we have seen a huge traffic of visitors, both business and leisure, in all over Hertfordshire. And many of them choose to stay at a hotel alternative, i.e. Serviced Accommodation as it is more comfortable and cost effective compared to a hotel stay, a home away from home.

With all of the above in mind, since the launch of Section 24, also known as tenant tax, and increasing demand of contemporary serviced accommodation stays; many landlords have chosen to convert their traditional Buy-to-Let properties to Serviced Accommodation.

We at NIKSA Serviced Accommodation not only manage our Landlord’s properties, we look after them as our own.

We can ensure –

  • Rent Guarantee – Your rent is guaranteed for the period of agreement
  • Long Term Lets – Your property is on longer term agreement without you worrying about voids and finding new tenants
  • No worry about maintenance – Your property maintenance and repairs are taken care of by us and you do not have to look for a plumber and handyman at odd hours of the day

If you have a property in Hertfordshire, please do give us a call and we will love to discuss your options to ensure your problem is resolved as a landlord. This discussion is free and non-obligatory.

Disclaimer: Please be advised, as landlord it is your responsibility that you have the correct mortgage and insurance products. If you are unsure, we have a list of local mortgage brokers and insurance providers who can advise you on this matter.

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