The story behind NIKSA Serviced Accommodation

We all love to read stories. It makes us understand the motivation and reason behind anyone’s ‘why?’. So today we thought we will share the story behind NIKSA Serviced Accommodation. What made Nila start NIKSA?

In Nila’s own words:

“I love travelling and it is something I have got from my parents. I was born and brought up in India and I can remember my travel adventures from an early age of four. I believe my first memory of travelling was to Kashmir and then Nepal, and oh my, it was love at first sight with the Himalayas. Since then, I could never stop. I have travelled a lot in India and we mostly used to visit the rural parts of the Himalayas. My parents were not a big fan of visiting cities as we used to live in one, Kolkata, then called Calcutta. But we still did manage to visit some great cultural and historical places like Agra, Benares, Puri, Jaipur, Hyderabad, and some very pretty places like Darjeeling and Gangtok.

Since I have moved to UK and settled here almost 14 years ago, I have visited many exciting places within UK. To name a few I have been to Lake District, Peak District, Cornwall, Dorset, Highlands and Locks of Scotland, extensive beaches of southern Wales. I have also been to some of the world’s famous cities of Paris, Amsterdam, Belgium, Copenhagen, Berlin, Barcelona, Stockholm, Milan, Florence, Rome, Prague, Valetta to as far as New York City.

In my whole journey as a traveller, I was always very keen to experience how the locals live. And hence I try not to stay luxury hotels and eat at Michellin Star restaurants. I get more excited to eat where the locals are eating and absolutely love visiting the farmers’ markets to get a little taste of their lives. To maximise my experience, I always prefer staying in local self-catering apartments or cottages where I can stay in a set up like home. Let me share an event to explain what I really mean by that. I remember when we were in Florence, I got up a bit early one morning while my family was still sleeping. I walked down to the local farmers’ market and bought some fresh produce of that day. I also took their advice on how to cook them. That day I cooked one of the most memorable meal of my life. I have many experiences like this of connecting with people and their culture.

These memories are priceless and can only be created when we are living local; a bit away from the beaten tourist trails. Especially when we have a whole home to ourselves to cook and take the wine glass to sit at the balcony. For me, that is the true luxury.

I have felt very passionately about this sort of travel experiences and always believed that whether you are travelling for leisure or for business, you should have an option for a home-like stay wherever you go. Hence, I started NIKSA Serviced Accommodation. I live in Welwyn Garden City and absolutely love this town. It’s beautiful with amazing people in the neighbourhood. It is also very well connected to London within 20 minutes and also the lush green countryside within 5 mins. So, to share my pride and my love for this town to all our visitors, we started NIKSA end of 2018. And until now I have loved every bit of it. I meet with visitors from all over the world and when they say to me – ‘oh this is such a beautiful place!’; my drive to grow our business gets even stronger. NIKSA Serviced Accommodation has a growing portfolio of properties of different sizes to cater to every need – whether someone is a solo traveller or a big family visiting their grandparents, we promise we will look after them as our extended family.”

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Is serviced accommodation same as hotel?

Serviced accommodation very similar to a hotel in terms of how long you can stay in the property, how you book your stay, how you pay, refunds, cancellations and certain amenities.

However the features in a serviced accommodation are lot different from what a hotel usually offer. Let’s see what these are.

  1. Space – Professionally run serviced accommodations like NIKSA Serviced Accommodation are fully self-contained properties. They are not just a room with a bed and a bathroom like hotels. Hence when you stay in a serviced accommodation property, you enjoy the kitchen, living space and sometimes garden too! Exactly what we call it – a home away from home.
  2. Privacy and Freedom – In hotels you share the communal spaces with other guests. The entrance, the lobby, lifts, restaurants, bar, outside space etc. This is great and very enjoyable for some of us who love human interaction. However, many of us prefer a bit of privacy and freedom. Staying in a serviced accommodation can be an ideal solution for that. After a whole day of work or sightseeing, you can kick off your shoes in middle of the room and doze off on the sofa while watching your favourite series on Netflix! No need to sit at the bar area to unwind at the end of the day and having to watch your favourite series on your mobile phone.
  3. Cost – A hotel room can sometimes sound a cheaper option compared to Serviced Accommodation. But if you consider the length of stay in a room and cost of two to three meals a day on top of that, the cost of staying in a hotel can very quickly go over budget. Also, if you need accommodation for a group or your family, you will need to book for more than one room in a hotel. Whereas, when you book a serviced accommodation property with 2 or 3 bedrooms, it satisfies the need of your whole family, both in terms of space and number of meals to be eaten on a day. Does that sound like a deal? Yes, it is!
  4. Comfort and Health – Does this sound familiar to you? When you look at that restaurant meal and secretly miss your home cooked favourites? That fluffy pancake or that chicken noodles from your kitchen? You may also look at the menu card and wonder how you are going to keep up with your dietary requirements or healthy meal targets? Serviced Accommodations have the perfect answer for these questions. Serviced Accommodation properties come with a fully equipped kitchen where everything is provided – pots, pans, chopping board, knives and more. You can make your favourite meal or toss last night’s leftover in the oven or just heat up the takeaway. And the best part is, you will never miss that midnight snack again as the kitchen is yours and you are the chef! Just like home.
  5. Hotel amenities – House Keeping! White fresh towels! Free toiletries! Yes, we all love that about hotels. And yes, we get them in Serviced Accommodation too! The best of 2 worlds – a marriage of home and hotel.

If all of the above reasons sound attractive to you, give NIKSA Serviced Accommodation a try for your next stay. To stay with us…click here to book

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