What is Staycation?

Staycation is the new trend which everyone is talking about. The new hashtag to follow in 2020 and beyond. But before we dive into further on why everyone is talking about staycation this year, let’s first find out what staycation really means.

Google dictionary and other experts say that ‘staycation’ means going for a vacation in your home country rather than abroad or stay at home and go for day trips.

This is a very old concept, but why is it trending now? This probably is because our travel plans to abroad is not going to be an easy option for the next few months. Some of the reasons being:

Have you received your cancelled holiday refunds? For a lot of us, we are still waiting for our refunds from the cancelled holidays. Some of us may have received a voucher to rebook but with most of the countries including ours are still under lockdown, we are unsure when and where we can plan a safe vacation again. The money has been invested and most of us are wary about investing further without knowing when the new norm will start.

Do you know where you can travel to now? Most of the world are still under lockdown or just started to open up cautiously towards recovery. Therefore, it has become very challenging to decide where and when we can travel for our next holidays.

How many days will I need to take time off for my next holiday? Recently, UK Home Secretary Priti Patel has announced that anyone returning from abroad will require to stay under quarantine for 14 days. This means we will have to take 14 days’ time-off from work on top of our holidays which may result in almost a month’s time-off from work. This is very unlikely a feasible option for most of us.

So does staycation look like the best option now?

Britain is a beautiful country and has attracted tourists from the rest of the world for years. During the gorgeous British summer who will not like a day or a few days’ break in the sprawling green countryside of England, Lake district, Peak district, gorgeous stately homes, Roman Bath, stunning sandy beaches in Wales and the adventure of highlands in Scotland? The list is limitless.

It can also be the best time to visit and discover the hidden gems of our home country.

We are based in Hertfordshire and are always a walk away from the stunning countryside or within a short driving distance of the greatest cities of the world, London and Cambridge.

How about for your next break, try a staycation in Welwyn Garden City?

If you haven’t visited us in Welwyn Garden City yet, let us inspire you with some ideas!

Stay at NIKSA Serviced accommodation in Welwyn Garden City. Get up in the morning and enjoy a beautiful long walk on our popular public footpath through Brocket Hall Golf Club. Return to the apartment for a delicious breakfast cooked at your own kitchen. Don’t fancy cooking? No problem at all. A lot of cafés have opened up their takeaway services. Pick up a lovely breakfast and enjoying it in front of our town centre fountain.

Then you can visit the beautiful and historical town of Cambridge, just 40 miles away from Welwyn Garden City. Fancy something local? How about fishing at Stanbourough Lakes in Welwyn Garden City or a stroll down the road at the historic town of St Albans. Come back in the evening to cook your favourite dinner while enjoying your glass of Chardonnay and watching your favourite show in Netflix. Does it sound relaxing and refreshing? A break we all need, a break we all deserve.

Planning to give staycation a try at NIKSA Serviced Accommodation? To plan your next trip with us, click here to book https://www.niksa.co.uk/properties/

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  1. Jugraj Singh

    The term staycation, originally from the United States, is a neologism deriving from the contraction of stay and vacation . According to the Cambridge Dictionary, it means vacations

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