Why should I choose Serviced Accommodation over a hotel?

With serviced accommodation becoming a preferred choice over hotels, some people are still unsure of why serviced accommodation is actually the better choice.

To make things clear, serviced accommodation is a whole apartment that’s fully furnished whilst a hotel is usually just a bedroom and a small bathroom. This means in serviced accommodation, you have a kitchen and the option to cook meals for yourself, which you don’t have in a hotel room. Also, generally serviced accommodation comes with more room as you get a whole apartment rather than just a room. Finally, serviced accommodation is more of a home away from home than a hotel room, which is great for family trips or just long trips away.

So, why should I choose serviced accommodation?

Cost effective

Generally, serviced accommodation is more cost effective than a hotel. You get more for your money. Whilst in a hotel you’re just paying for a room when it comes to serviced accommodation you get a full apartment and everything you could need included in the price. For example, kitchen pots, fresh bed linens and bathroom supplies! You get to choose whether to eat in or spend money in restaurant meals three times a day.


Serviced accommodation provides a better lifestyle. Your serviced apartment comes with plenty of space to live in whilst a hotel room only allows you to live out of your suitcase, which is rarely a preferred way of living! If you’re booking for a whole family, our 2-bedroom apartments may provide more room for you and you won’t have to book multiple rooms in a hotel to accommodate all of your family members.


Another benefit you may not have thought of before is the productivity that serviced accommodation can allow. In regards to corporate stays, staying in a small hotel room with just a bed and maybe a small desk can get depressing and it can block your brain and creativity. Whereas, with serviced accommodation you have plenty of space to work as well as the ability to move around and take breaks.


Ever been in a hotel where you can only get a WiFi connection down in the restaurant or the lobby and then once you get up to your room you end up rinsing all your data? Staying in serviced accommodation means you will get free WiFi all throughout the apartment. Serviced accommodation also comes with other facilities such as a washer dryer and an iron with ironing board.


Serviced accommodation is known as being a home away from home. It provides more comfort as it has a living room where you settle down in front of the TV and a bedroom where you can enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.


Finally, you will benefit from more privacy in any serviced apartment compared to a hotel. This is because serviced accommodation doesn’t have any on-site staff.

There you have it… the reasons most people prefer to go to a serviced apartment over a hotel. If you’d prefer to have more space and comfort, then it might be time that you forget the hotel bookings and start enjoying the freedom of serviced accommodation!

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